How to Create and Promote Podcasts on Facebook (Infographic)

You might be thinking, why does my business need to have a podcast? Will it even help get more people interested in my industry and my brand? If done right, absolutely!

Podcasting allows your customers to really hear your connection to your niche, your genuine passion for your field, and even your knowledge. This will really help cement your authority in your field, which will allow you to develop a great level of trust between your audience, customers and clients.

Recently, Facebook published a new guide on you you can link and promote podcasts on the social platform. You can do this through its podcast tools. This tool isn’t available to all users yet, as it is still new, but it will help you provide even more opportunities for maximizing your brand’s reach and engagement.

You can find the full Facebook podcasts guide here.

Facebook podcasts overview

Source – Social Media Today

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