How to Improve Page Speed for More Traffic & Conversions

Page speed is an important factor in today’s digital marketing. It has a significant impact on:

  • How long visitors stay on your site.
  • How many of them convert into paying customer.
  • How much you pay on a CPC basis in paid search.
  • Where you rank in organic search.

But there are quite a few websites that are performing poorly in regards to page speed, and this has a direct negative impact on revenue.

As a business, there are so many things that you have to spend your time doing when it comes to digital marketing, and it can be difficult to get everything done. Because of that, there are things that end up getting pushed onto the back burner.

It seems that page speed optimization is one of the things that always gets pushed back, as most people don’t really understand it since most people to get the importance of this generally overlooked detail. They end up not seeing the value in investing time and money to improve it by a few seconds or less.

What may seem non-important to some marketers has been proven to be monumental by data from industry giants all the way down to the analytics data of our own sites.

If you want to maximize your results, it’s a good idea to get going on speeding up your page. Check out the Search Engine Journal post by Jeremy Knauff and make your website faster!

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