Are Nofollow Links Considered A Google Ranking Factor?

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What Is a nofollow link? Basically, it’s a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favor, does not boost PageRank, and doesn’t help a page’s placement in the SERPs. No follow links get no love.

Using nofollow is a safe way to buy links since it’s a machine-readable way to specify that a link doesn’t have to be counted as a vote by a search engine. Nofollows tell Google not to crawl the links that show the nofollow attribute.

It’s possible to control the nofollowing of a link on your site, but there are also nofollow links that you can’t ever control. These links are links from another site that you have no way of messing around with, and if they link to pages on your website, sorry bud, there’s nothing you can do.

But are there any connections with nofollowed links and search engine rankings?

It’s time to clear up confusion on the matter by checking out the Search Engine Journal column, written by Anna Crowe!

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