Shallow Links: The Link Building Tactic You Should Use

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A shallow link is a hyperlink that lies closer to the top of a website. Basically, it’s a link that you can reach without clicking on many higher-level links. The hope page of any site is a great example of the shallowest link.

So imagine that you created a great website that has great content. It’s full of wonderful information about the products and services that you provide, it loads fast, and the site looks wonderful. What else is there that could make your site any better?

You need to get yourselves so inbound links so that people can actually see the site you worked so hard to create!

There is a Search Engine Journal column, written by Jeff Ferguson that discusses the one missing link building strategy that can make a difference to how your content appears on Google’s search results – shallow links.

In the post, it elaborates on what shallow links are, finding and fixing them.

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