What Are Ways To Avoid Redirect Mistakes That Would Hurt Traffic?

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Every single page that you visit on the web has an address and a URL. There will be a time when content found on one page (or even the whole site sometimes) will move from one URL to a new URL. When this happens, a redirect will be required, which automatically makes a browser go from one URL to any other.

Redirects are a normal part of any site that changes.

There will be a time when you may have to move a page or an entire site to a completely new address, meaning a redirect will absolutely be necessary to make sure everything keeps working they way they should from a visitor standpoint.

Ludwig Makhyan wrote a column for Search Engine Journal where he talks about how despite the importance of redirects, and the mistakes that can be made that would have an impact on both traffic and rankings.

So how do you avoid these kinds of issues when doing redirects? Check out his SEJ post below and find out!

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