Gary Illyes Confirms That There’s No PageRank Dilution When Using 301, 302, or 30x Redirects Anymore

google-thumbGary Illyes of Google said yesterday that if you use a 301, 302 or 30x redirect of any kind, you won’t have to worry about a loss in PageRank, that there’s no PageRank dilution.

It was reported in 2010 that there is some PageRank dilution when there was a 301 or any other 30x redirect used.  A few years later in 2013, Matt Cutts said that 301 redirects don’t lose value. He then said, “The amount of PageRank that dissipates through a 301 is currently identical to the amount of PageRank that dissipates through a link.”  Matt Cutts wasn’t talking about anything but a 301 redirect, but it was possible that 302 redirects did, in fact, lose value.

But then, this year, John Mueller said the same thing earlier this year when a 301 redirect, or any other form of 30x redirect was used.  But a number of SEOs wouldn’t believe him.  Garry Illyes must have check with the engineers and tweeted out the information, which should have helped remove doubt, but even now, there are SEOs out there who just don’t believe Google.

Gary’s tweet isn’t giving us any new information, but rather, it’s confirming it.    Simply put, Google is telling us that any sort of 3xx redirect won’t loose any PageRank value.

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