When Is Paying For Facebook Ads Engagement Worth It?

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For quite a while, if your brand was trying to advertise on Facebook, the only way the content would reach people was through organic means. But luckily, that didn’t last forever. The social platform eventually introduced Facebook Ads, allowing brands to have a better means of marketing themselves.

Unsurprisingly though, advertising on Facebook has become pay-to-win. The more money you can put down, the better chances your brand has to get business. The sad part is, some brands just don’t have the same kind of budget that some others might have. This is why it can be a struggle for some to get their ads out there, especially with the stiff competition they face.

In this case, as the title of this post asks, is it worth paying for Facebook advertising? Brooke Osmundson wrote a column for Search Engine Journal where she shows us some tips to help maximize your ROI if you’re struggling to reach a wider audience on Facebook.

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