Over 50% of Local Business Websites Receive Less Than 500 Visits Per Month

It was found in a study of Google Analytics for local businesses that their websites are attracting an average of 414 monthly users, with 50% of traffic coming from organic search.

Over 11,000 websites were analyzed by BrightLocal to determine benchmarks for local business websites across a number of different industries.

On the lower end, 13% of local businesses receive fewer than 100 visitors to their sites each month, while 55% receive less than 500. But on the higher end of the spectrum though, 20$ of businesses are getting over 1500 monthly visitors to their site, and 15 receive over 2500.

Of course, these numbers will vary from country to country and from one industry to another.

Industries with the most website visitors include car

  1. Dealerships
  2. Hotels
  3. Restaurants
  4. Entertainment
  5. Local stores.

It seems that websites in the marketing industry are among the lease visited every month.

“Websites for businesses focusing on cleaning, marketing, and alternative therapies receive the lowest number of visitors each month. This could be attributed to a lower volume of need (more people will be looking for a bar than a cleaner on a regular basis!), with many businesses receiving low volumes of users, and the most successful bringing up the average from the other end.”

Local Businesses are receiving 50% of their traffic from organic search, and 37% are coming from direct visits. The average local business receives no email, paid, or display sessions every month. Less than 5% of traffic to local business websites are coming from social media.

Websites that are focused on the medical, education, real estate, and hotel industries have the highest proportion of traffic coming from organic search. The marketing industry is at the lower end of the scale in this area, although BrightLocal has suggested that may be due to marketers being more familiar with other channels.

“At the other end of the scale, marketing businesses receive just 29% of traffic from organic sources. While this may seem shocking at first glance, it’s likely to be because marketers are more familiar with the other channels, and have higher usage of these – thus pushing down the proportion allocated to organic.”

Here’s a rundown of other interesting pieces of data from the study:

  • The average local business’s website receives 2.17 pages per session.
  • Mobile-only visitors visit an average of just 1.88 pages per session.
  • 54% of websites don’t have goals set up in Google Analytics.
  • Local businesses receive an average of 1,099 pageviews per month.
  • The average session on a local business’s website is 96 seconds.
  • The average bounce rate for local businesses is 60.23%.
  • Websites in the marketing industry have the highest bounce rate.

See the full study here.

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