Google Search Console Performance Report Gets Recipe Filters

A new filter option has been added to Google’s performance reports within Google Search Console. Google might be giving sites that use recipe markup the ability to filter performance reports within the “search appearance” options.

You can find these filters by logging into Google Search Console and clicking on the “performance report.” After that, select

Where are these filters? You can access the filters by logging into Google Search Console. Then click on the “performance report” and then select the “+New” option to select “search appearance…” Within those options, you might see two new filters for recipe:

  • Recipe Gallery
  • Recipe rich results

Here is a screen shot from Brian Freiesleben on Twitter:

When you filter by these recipe search appearance filters, Google isolates how well your search results are doing with those recipe filters.

John Mueller of Google confirmed on Twitter that this is a new report. John said, “Yep, these are pretty new” reports.

SourceBarry Schwartz

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