Package Tracking On Google’s Search Results Page Is Coming To More Carriers

In an announcement made on December 5, shipping companies can now sign up to participate in Google’s package tracking early adopters program. With this program, more shipping companies can show users the real-time status of their delivery on the search results page.

Source: Google

Although this feature has been available to major domestic shipping companies for over 10 years, it will extend to more companies around the world, which could make Google an extension of their site.

This also results in another zero-click search scenario, except that carriers have the option of participating, which is a nice option to be given.

The early adopters program is open to all carriers that meet the eligibility requirements in countries where Google Search is available.

Carriers must provide a RESTful JSON or XML API that returns tracking information in order to participate. Google will also work with companies to reuse an existing API or set up a new one.

Since the program is for early adopters, Google is seeking feedback from participating companies on how to improve the feature.

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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