Google Search Console Now Supports SpecialAnnouncement Schema

In an announcement on May 5, Google has included some special announcements in the company’s Performance report and has added a Special Announcements Enhancement report to Search Console. Google’s Rich Results Test tool also now supports SpecialAnnouncement markup.

The new Special Announcements Enhancement report. Source: Google.

The Special Announcements Enhancement report will display warnings, errors and valid pages for markup implemented on your site.

Special Announcements within the Performance report. Source: Google.

The Search Console Performance report will now be showing impressions, clicks and CTR results for special announcement pages.

The tool can be utilized to check live pages that are using the SpecialAnnouncement schema. Site owners can also upload code tot he Rich Results Test tool so you can test for errors and get suggestions before publishing.

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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