Android Is Currently The Top Mobile OS

I’m sure many of use who have smartphones have clear preferences as to what kind of phone they want to use. Do you go with Android or iOS or something else?

For those who are using iOS and Android will occasionally clash, saying that their preferred OS is the best and the other, well, isn’t the best. But which mobile OS is currently the most used?

Recently, the Supreme Court came to the decision that Google’s utilization of Oracle’s code in its Android OS was considered fair use. This diagram from chartr shows us why that choice probably stings:

“Oracle was hoping that it might be owed up to $9 billion in compensation, as Android went on to become the dominant operating system for mobile phones around the world… Android might be (mostly) free at the point of use, but it’s a huge revenue generator for Google. The Google Play Store is the official app store for Android devices, and it’s very likely a big chunk of the $21bn of revenue that Google reported as “other revenues” in 2020. On top of that, you can add on all the revenue from Google Search, YouTube and other Google apps that usually come pre-loaded on Android devices.”

Source – Search Engine Land

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