Android 11 Launches With New Messaging Tools And Business Features

The newest update to the Android OS has been just been released, according to Google. New features include more focus on messaging, privacy features, and a new call ID system to help improve how you can respond to business outreach.

Regarding messaging, Google said:

“In Android 11, conversations across messaging apps will be moved to a dedicated space in the notifications section, making it easy to manage your conversations in one spot. You can also prioritize conversations from the key people in your life so you never miss an important message.”

It’s now possible to respond to conversations without going back and fort between multiple apps. These conversations will be displayed in a dedicated space within your notification section, making all of your important connections easy to deal with.

Privacy features have also been improved, including ‘one-time permissions.’

“One-time permissions will allow you to grant single use access to your most sensitive permissions: microphone, camera and location. The next time the app needs access to the sensors, it must ask you for your permission again.”

Google has added a new ‘Verified Calls’ listing for its Google Phone app. With this feature, a verified badge for business calls will be displayed. Not only that, these calls will include a reason for the call.

Source – Social Media Today and Google

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