Google Assistant In Chrome Testing Duplex to Help Users Buy Movie Tickets

Google’s automated concierge feature, Duplex, has finally made it to Chrome browsers. Google confirmed that, as part of the Google Assistant in Chrome, the test is currently being applied to movie ticket booking sites, Android Police reported.

Google Assistant in Chrome handling a movie ticket purchase. Source: Android Police.

Ads are already being tested in Assistant, although handling transactions seem to be a big part of the monetization strategy for the virtual assistant. Being able to do things like book movie tickets, or eve possibly things like car rentals in the future, more people may engage with the Assistant, which would bring more users into Google’s ecosystem and presenting the company with more revenue opportunities.

The technology could even play into Google’s broader e-commerce strategy as well. Streamlining shopping on Assistant-enabled devices could create more headway in the retail sector.

Once a user is done selecting a movie showtime from the search results, Duplex is indicated by the “Buy tickets” button accompanied by the Assistant logo. It is working for chains and sites owned by AMC and Fandango, said Android Police.

When a user buys tickets with Duplex, they are taken to the vendor’s website with a persistent Google Assistant overlay that automatically fills in payment information. Users still have to interact with the site to do things like select seats.

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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