New App Rating Formula Headed To Google Play Will Favor Newer Reviews

Google is making some changes when it comes to Google Play app reviews. The search engine company is increasing the weight of more recent app reviews when calculating an app’s average Play store rating. The announcement came May 8 at the annual I/O developer conference. This new app rating formula will be rolling out to the public in August.

The reason behind this ratting change is to give more credence to the most current version of an app. I can totally see why they’re doing this, as what good does a rating do you if it’s for several versions ago and the app has gone a major change since?

“Instead of a lifetime cumulative value, your new average will be recalculated to give more weight to the most recent ratings. With this change, your Play store rating will not only give users a better understanding of the current state of your app, it will also better reflect all your hard work and improvements.”

Even though the new ratings go public in August, developers can already prepare for i by previewing their revised formula rating by going to their Google Play Console.

According to Google, “Apps are ranked based on a combination of ratings, reviews, downloads, and other factors.” It isn’t known how much weight the new rating calculation carries in the ranking algorithm, but more than likely it have some affect on your app’s overall Play store SEO.

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