Google’s ‘Duplex on the web’ Enables The Assistant To Buy Movie Tickets For You

Google is going to make it possible to buy movie tickets online using the Assistant (via Duplex). The company announced it was expanding the AI-powered Duplex beyond restaurant reservations to booking rental cars and buying movie tickets at Google I/O back in May.

Users will have the ability to use the Google Assistant for new reservation and purchase categories, with movies being the latest example.

Android users in both the US and the UK can ask the Assistant for movie showtimes or search movies in the Google app. The Assistant will then take them through a “buy tickets” process that involves theater selection, movie times and seat selection (if available). A saved payment card has to be in Chrome to work in this case.

Although we don’t know if users will want to use this process over manually purchasing tickets, it illustrates how Google is bringing the sophistication of the Duplex technology to the broader mobile internet.

Also, it’s not completely sure how much back end integration needs to be done by publishers to enable this.

SourceGreg Sterling

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