Google Brings ‘End-To-End’ Food Ordering To Search, Maps, Google Assistant

The new unofficial mantra Google is using is “helping users get things done” (GTD). Under this mantra, Google is making its many channels, properties and ads much more “transactional.” Google’s strategy to monetize the Assistant utilizes transaction fees as part of that strategy.

A manifestation of this GTD strategy is bringing food ordering into Google Assistant, Google search and Maps. Announced Thursday, delivery comes from DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, ChowNow and Zuppler. Other partners are reportedly coming soon.

Google has linked to third party ordering and delivery services in the Knowledge Panel online for some time now. This experience proceeds directly from the GMB profile on iPhones and Android devices.

When users click on the “Order Online” button and choose delivery over pick up, they will select a provider and then menu items. Payments will happen using the default credit card set up in the user’s Google Play account. If a credit card isn’t on file, presumably, they’ll be prompted to add one.

Users who reorder will have the option to select the previous order using the same deliver vendor.

Although not available on smart speakers and displays (yet), Google can Assistant can initiate a food order or reorder. Users can initiate a food order by saying, “Hey Google, order food from [restaurant].” If the food request is a reorder, the Assistant will access past orders and display them for approval.

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