Google May 2020 Core Update Is Done Rolling Out

The Google May 2020 core update that started to roll out on Monday, May 4, has now finished rolling out. Google announced “the May 2020 Core Update rollout is complete” via Twitter on Monday.

Here’s the tweet:

According to Google, the rollout of this core update would take approximately “one to two weeks to fully roll out.” It took about two weeks to totally roll out.

It seems that, based on the data of this update, it was a very big one.

Now that the update is complete, you should review your analytics to see if there was any impact on your site. You should have already noticed any negative or positive impact on your site.

If you have been negatively hit by a core update in the past, Google has given some advice about it. Google has offered a list of questions to consider if your site is hit by a core update.

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