Bing’s Robot.txt Tester Will Help SEOs Identify Crawling Issues

Last week, Bing announced that it has added a robots.txt tester, which can be found in its Webmaster Tools. The tester can help SEOs highlight issues that could stop Bing from optimal crawling.

As a webmaster, you can submit a URL to the tool in order to check the robots.txt file to see if it verifies if the URL has been allowed or blocked.

You can also use the editor to make changes to the robots.txt file. The edited file can also be downloaded to be updated offline. With the fetch option, you can retrieve the latest version of the file as well.

“The download option provides a step by step process of updating the file that includes downloading the edited file, uploading the same on the domains root which can be checked for a live version and lastly requesting Bing to update the same.”

Source – Bing

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