A 12 Step Guide On How To Optimize For Google Featured Snippets

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Featured Snippets are brief excerpts from a webpage that shows up in Google’s search results so that the searcher’s questions can get answered quicker than clicking a link in the SERPs. These snippets get automatically pulled from pages that have been indexed by Google.

If your content gets placed into a Featured Snippet, that means you’ll get higher organic traffic and a higher advantage over other results because the featured result is bigger.

In a Search Engine Journal column, Himani Kankaria discusses her strategy for optimizing fore featured snippets, her curated content calendar template for featured snippets, and FAQs that will help answer any questions you have about them.

She’ll show you:

  • What are featured snippets?
  • 4 types of featured snippets you can target.
  • A 12-step process for optimizing for featured snippets.
  • What’s new in featured snippets?
  • FAQs for featured snippets.

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