What Are The 9 Rules Of Optimizing Featured Snippets?

There are those who think that featured snippets are one of the big goals of SEO. If you’re able to optimize your site for featured snippets, it’s possible that your site will be featured at the top of the search results with small adjustments to the contents of a page.

But what is a featured snippet? According to Moz, a featured snippet is:

Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads in a box. Featured snippets aim at answering the user’s question right away (hence their other well-known name, “answer boxes”). Being featured means getting additional brand exposure in search results.”

A post on Search Engine Land, by Chris Long, was written so that you could find your own featured snippet opportunities.

Check out the Search Engine Land post right here to discover the guidelines you need to follow when you want to optimize for featured snippets.

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