Google Testing Highlighting Content On-Site Based On The Search Result Clicked

Google has confirmed that it is testing a feature that takes the searcher from the search results page to a third-party site and anchors them to that exact location on the site while highlighting that content. Although this is what Google originally did on mobile through the AMP cache, this is now being tested on desktop and Chrome browsers.

Glenn Gabe spotted this and posted several examples of this on Twitter. The following images are some of the examples:

Searchers can see and click on a featured snippet on desktop search:

Once clicked, searchers are clicked to the site and Google will move the view down to the highlighted location of the relevant content:

Here are more examples that Glenn provided.

The testing is being done on about 5% of Google searchers, which was confirmed by David Bokan, a Google Chromium engineer.

Although this feature was launched in 2018 for AMP mobile pages, Google is getting things working for Chrome desktop users.

SourceBarry Schwartz

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