Google Ads Makes it Easier to Review a Campaign’s Change History

An update to Google Ads is going to make it easier to determine how campaign changes impact ad performance.

From this point onward, advertisers will have the ability to view campaign changes annotated in their performance charts.

Before, it wasn’t as easy to review change histsory alongside reporting data.

But with this update, the data is being shown on one screen. Advertisers are better able to understand the impact of specific changes on their campaign performance.

“For example, let’s say you notice a drop in conversions for one of your active campaigns. With the change history report, you can now hover over the markers in the performance chart to get more details about the changes you’ve made over a defined period.”

Advertisers can click on links in the hover cards in order to filter the change history tables and reveal additional information.

Google Ads, under the performance chart, will highlight changes to audience list, optimization goal, and assets (which is only applicable to App campaigns). This is meant to help advertisers easily and quickly identify the type of change they need to investigate.

Two months ago, another useful feature was introduced by Google meant to help advertisers with diagnosing changes in campaign performance.

There is a “See Explanation” button that appears when there is a significant change in performance from one period of time to another.

Once you’ve clicked on the button, Google Ads will provide the most likely reasons behind why the changes occurred.

SourceMatt Southern

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