Google Ads To End Customer Support Via Social Jan 1, 2020

Google Ads announced earlier this year that it is going to shift customer support requests to an online form and won’t be supporting customer service through Facebook and Twitter any longer. As of January 1, 2020, direct messaging on the Google Ads’ Facebook and Twitter accounts will be deactivated, and users will see a pinned post directing them to the online support form.

Although these social channels were popular ways for advertisers to get quick responses or clarifications about issues, Google is making the change in order to streamline the support process as well as to improve security around phishing and spam concerns.

“Customer security and success is paramount. Due to the growing global concern around spam and phishing, we are making an effort to resolve all Google product customer questions via 1:1 communication through direct email, phone or chat,” a Google spokesperson said. “Streamlining these channels will provide faster and more secure responses for all global customers.”

SourceGinny Marvin

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