Microsoft Ads Will Replace Manual CPC With Enhanced CPC By The End Of April

According to an announcement by Microsoft Advertising, all search, shopping and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns that don’t have automated bidding strategies will be transitioned to Enhanced CPC (eCPC) at the beginning of March. This transition will continue through April 2021.

The deadline for adjusting your campaigns is at the end of April.

  • March: Manual CPC to eCPC migration begins
  • April 5: New campaigns will no longer have the option of Manual CPC
  • April 30: Any campaigns not yet using eCPC will be automatically migrated

If you’re an advertiser who hasn’t set your campaigns to have set up an automated strategy by this spring, then you will lose access to manual bidding for those campaigns.

But, if you are utilizing one of the following automated strategies, then they will remain:

  • Target ROAS (return on ad spend) automatically sets bids at auction time to help get more revenue or conversion value for the ROAS Target you set.
  • Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) automatically sets your bids to achieve your desired 30-day CPA.

Source – Search Engine Land

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