Link Building Never Ends

link-buildingSo you finally got your website prepped, ready, and launched for business.  You’ve taken care of the SEO side of things, the webmaster side of things, and all is right with the world.  Now, it’s time for a little link building.  You do your best to get links coming in from outside sources, such as your multiple social media channels.  Of course, you work on getting as many natural links coming into your site as possible.

Finally, after some time,  you succeed in getting the word out about your site, and the links are coming in like wildfire.  Now that you’ve finally succeeded in getting this far, you think that your link building days for this website are behind you.  Well, guess what?  You’d be wrong!

In reality, link building is an effort that never really has and end.  Link building is simply part of your ongoing marketing cycle that will always be needed, as long as you’re trying to market your website to new customers.

The reason behind needing to always keep up your link building efforts is wrapped up into one simple term – relevancy.  By keeping yourself, or your business, on the forefront of everybody’s screens, you will always get the clicks you need to stay in business.  Fresh links will not only keep you on that forefront, but it will create exposure to new audiences as well.

So we know that we need an ongoing amount of links to keep drawing people in to your website, but we have to know where link acquisition fits into the marketing cycle.  Overall, when it comes to the marketing funnel, link building as a strategy for targeting customers comes at the top of that funnel, but when it comes to the order of operations, links come last.

In an article that you can find on Search Engine Land,  talks about how to roll with this ongoing, cyclical nature of link building, and even talks about digital marketing overall.  Check out Andrew’s post right away by following the link provided below!

Search Engine Land: Link Building Never Ends

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