Is Link Velocity A Ranking Factor?

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When it comes to a majority of website owners, they probably assume that gaining a lot of links in a short amount of time is a great thing, especially if they’re trying to get a lot of potential leads for their business. But in reality, it could end up having an opposite effect. It could end up actually ruining your website’s rankings on Google.

What we are talking about is link velocity, which is the speed at which backlinks to your domain or website are added over a specific period of time. It’s most commonly measured in the number of new links obtained per month.

Ultimately, the questions remains is, does link velocity actually matter at all to Google?

Matt Southern has written a column on Search Engine Journal where he takes a look at the origins of link velocity and if the theory is truly a Google ranking factor or not and if you should be concerned about in the realm of SEO.

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