Facebook Warns EU Users Of The Impacts To Messaging Because Of Privacy Law Changes

The newest messaging changes for European users have been outline by Facebook due to new laws regarding data security and privacy in the country.

The ‘ePrivacy Directive’, or the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, is incorporating more forms of digital communication this week. The specifics of this directive includes how user data is stored and used how businesses uses different platforms.

The newest changes are based on how long data is stored, and what can be gathered through messaging apps.

Earlier this month, coming changes to Messenger API usage for European businesses were outlined, and now, it seems that it is the consumer side’s turn for the changes.

Facebook says that, as an example, polls could be a problem for them, since polls do utilize user data.

Currently, Europe’s privacy protections are evolving to line up with consumer demand, following the GDPR, which happened in 2018.

Source – Social Media Today

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