Google Has Been Accused Of Colluding With Facebook, Abusing Monopoly Power In New Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Google has been filed on Wednesday by ten state attorney generals, saying that it has used its monopoly illegally regarding the online advertising sector to force out competition through a number of different exclusionary tactics.

According to the filing, “Plaintiff States seek to restore free and fair competition to these markets and to secure structural, behavioral, and monetary relief to prevent Google from ever again engaging in deceptive trade practices and abusing its monopoly power to foreclose competition and harm consumers.”

When Facebook announced that it would open up the Facebook Audience Network to header bidding platforms back in 2017, Google cut a deal with Facebook in order to stop the momentum of header biddings, which stopped any through of it chipping away of the company’s ad revenue.

The social media platform suppressed its involvement with header bidding, and Google gave Facebook “information , speed and other advantages” in return.

For more information, check the complaint, as well as Search Engine Land.

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