The Rise of Social Commerce [Infographic]

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The adaption of eCommerce has been rising for a while now, but because of the pandemic in 2020, it seems that that adaption rate for it has accelerated it by about five years.

Because of that, many social platforms really stepped things up with their eCommerce integration efforts, Each of these platforms are doing their own thing when it comes to product discovery and purchase.

It won’t be surprising at all that once we finally get out of this pandemic, many of those who got used to doing their shopping through their social media will probably continue doing that. It becomes habit forming, and they will remain consumers of services and products through social media.

the team from squarelovin have published a new infographic that shows some insights into the growing adoption of in-stream shopping through social, and why businesses should focus on this form of consumerism.

social shopping adoption stats

Source – Social Media Today

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