What Email Marketers Should Know About iOS 11

Apple released iOS 11 last month, which brought a number of changes to Apple Mail.  Because of the fact that 46% of the US smartphone population uses iPhones, it’s important for email marketers to understand how the new operating system might impact their ability to reach subscribers.

In the case of any release, marketers have to monitor all their metrics in order to fully understand the repercussions of new or changing features.  With the release of iOS 10 last  year, unsubscribe rates became an easy-to-pinpoint metric with the addition of the baked-in unsubscribe button.  The iOS 11 release will be a bit trickier.  Marketers will have to be sure they’re watching their KPIs closely.

There are some notable changes in iOS 11 that marketers should be aware of, as many of these are likely to have an impact of engagement and conversion rate metrics among iPhone users.

But what changes are we seeing this time around?  What do they mean for marketers?

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