Google App For Android Gets A Refresh With New Shortcuts To Frequently Used Features

The Google beta app for Android has been recently update, adding shortcuts for frequently used features to the Google Now home screen.

In a report from Venture Beat, widgets for weather, nearby restaurant and more will appear when a user taps inside the Google Search box.

From Venture Beat:

If you’re on version 6.10.35 of the Google app beta, you’ll see a weather shortcut, which shows the location and temperature, alongside an icon representing the weather. It also shows widgets for nearby restaurants, Solitaire, “I’m feeling curious” (which shows a random question and answer), a calculator, nearby ATMs, Tic Tac Toe, a coin flip, My Events (which displays upcoming events listed in your Google Calendar), and nearby coffee shops.

According to the Venture Beat report, anybody with Google’s new Pixel or Pixel XL phone will be able to swipe right on the home screen to display the shortcuts, which will be updated depending on the frequency of use.

The app updates are not available on iOS or for Android users who don’t have the beta version of the Google app.

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