Google To Add Support For Higher Quality Images In Search, Swipe Up Images & 3D Images

During the State of the Search session at Google I/O on Thursday, Google announced that it will launch higher quality image support, 3D images, as well as the ability to swipe up images from AMP pages.

Here’s some info regarding the 3D images from Google’s keynote Wednesday, and swipe navigation with AMP articles.

According to Google, a new program that allows users to submit higher resolution images to Google Image search is coming Soon. Websites will have the ability to opt-in images to this program. Right now, it’s not clear how to opt in, but Google said to watch the Google Webmaster blog for the announcement.

Here is the slide introducing the high resolution program:

Google even showed the markup it could use for this, but it isn’t fully released. Because of that, it probably won’t do any good to implement now:

The following slide shows off the 3D images news covered on May 8

A number of months ago Google was testing a feature that lets you swipe up up from an image search result to see the AMP article associated with that image. 

The following images shows how it functions:

SourceBarry Schwartz

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