AMP WordPress Plugin Now Supports Stories

Google has brought AMP Stories support to WordPress publishers via its latest AMP plugin update. If you’re a publisher and you want to create AMP Stories, you will need to make sure you have the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin installed since the Stories editor replies on features not included in core versions of WordPress.

By enabling AMP Stories via a plugin, marketers and producers can take advantage of the visually rich, interactive format without having to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Of course, we know that the AMP WordPress plugin isn’t a new thing. But what’s new is that AMP Stories can be created on WordPress and is way more inviting for marketers who is familiar with the CMS.

Also, if you’re taking advantage of user roles in WordPress to manage multiple contributor content, these contributors can create AMP Stories as well.

Publishers using WordPress 5.0 (or newer) with the latest version of the Gutenberg and AMP plugins are able to:

  • Create AMP Story pages by dragging and dropping blocks
  • Add elements such as text, videos and images
  • Animate text
  • Set background color and opacity
  • Designate the order of AMP Story pages
  • Manage AMP Stories as part of WordPress

The video below shows the official announcement:

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