Google Search Console Is Now Able To Help Fix AMP Signed Exchange Problems

In an announcement, Google’s Search Console has been upgraded so that it can now support reporting on issues regarding AMP and signed exchanges. With signed exchanges (SXG), they can be used with AMP so that real publisher URLs will be shown, and not the Google AMP cache URL when AMP articles are being served.

What Are Signed Exchanges?

“Signed Exchanges (SXG) is a subset of the emerging family of specifications called Web Packaging, which enables publishers to safely make their content portable, while still keeping the publisher’s integrity and attribution. In 2019, Google Search started linking to signed AMP pages served from Google’s cache when available.”

Source – Google Blog

Both Google’s URL inspection tool an AMP enhancement report are now able to report on issues that focus on signed exchanges and AMP.

AMP reports can e used to see if your site has any issues with SXP. Emails will also be sent out to notify webmasters if issues were detected.

The URL Inspection Tool can be used to locate SXG issues on the AMP section when debugging specific pages.

Google has also provided a list of issues in its help document.

Sources – Search Engine Land and Google Blog

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