What Do Structured Snippets Mean To Your Page-Level Content Strategy?

Back in the early part of September, Google was noticed messing around with something behind the scenes.  Eventually, what was spotted looked like Knowledge Graph-drevn facts being pulled into a web page’s search results listing.  Now, as of September 22nd, Google finally made things official.  Structured snippets are now a part of Google Search.


In a nutshell, the facts that show up in the snippets are pulled from a database in a Knowledge Graph type of way.  They don’t come from structured markup on the page.  It seems that the information that forms these structured snippets are found in tables on a web page.  You can check out Barry Schwartz’s initial research on what listings show structured snippets.

Without going into more detail here on this post, there is the original blog post written on Search Engine Land by Jim Yu that goes into further detail about structured snippets and what they mean to your page-level content strategy.  In the post, Jim show s you how you can take advantage of this new format.

Search Engine Land: What Do Structured Snippets Mean To Your Page-Level Content Strategy?

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