How User Intent Will Forever Inform Successful Keyword Strategies

y-u-no-care-about-user-intentGoogle is quite the busy little bee it seems.  Within a  years time, Google will make changes not 20 times, not 50 times, but 500 to 600 times.  Also during that time, they will experiment with 10,000 changes during that same time period.  Man, that’s a lot of changes that Google is constantly dealing with.  Because of this, these changes could impact how your SEO strategy works.  In many of these cases of changes within Google and their algorithms, it will change the way you do your SEO and marketing.

With so many changes always happening, it might melt your brain due to trying to figure out how you can keep up and keep your website on top.  Well, there is one way to think about it.  When Google makes changes, it’s not to mess with your head.  They are doing it to give the user a better experience in the end.  If you can keep this in mind when dealing with your website, as well as your SEO and marketing campaigns, then things may become more clear, and your goals will suddenly come into view.  You have to focus where things matter the most when it comes to a great CTR, low bounce rates and long time-pn sites…think of the user experience first and foremost.

So the key is to optimize your strategies on obtaining those views from the real people who perform searches on search engines.  This means understanding user intent and corresponding keyword strategies.  Nate Dame has an article for Search Engine Land that focuses on user intent and how you should make sure that your keyword strategies work well for that.  You can discover a trove of useful information on user intent, keyword strategies and how you can optimize for them by checking out Nate’s post.  To do so, just follow the link I provided below and you’ll be golden!

Search Engine Land: How User Intent Will Forever Inform Successful Keyword Strategies

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