Most People “Won’t Allow” Cross App Tracking With New iOS Update

According to a Singular survey, over 60% of people clicked on the “Don’t Allow” button of Apple’s new app tracking transparency prompt. This has doubled since last year (only 31% of iPhone and iPad users took advantage of Apple’s limited ad tracking capabilities).

For most people who do allow tracking on their Apple devices, app brand is the deciding factor. Not only that, if a brand gives users an explanation as to what they do with your data, then users will feel better about sharing their data with them.

Graph showing what makes consumers more likely to allow apps to track them

There were some differences in demographics:

  • Women were more likely than men to decline tracking.
  • Teenagers and those over 54 were the most likely to click Don’t Allow.
  • Survey takers between the ages of 35-44 were the most ok with mobile tracking.

Source – Social Media Today

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