Google Adding More News Content To ‘Top Stories’ In Search Results

Google’s search results are being changed how news stories are being presented. When users search for news, they will usually see two top stories and a horizontal, scrolling carousel of results (AMP pages). As of December 11 on mobile devices, people began seeing multiple carousels of news stories on the same topic.

They’ll also find additional content types, “such as notable quotes and related opinion pieces,” according to a Google blog post.

Looking at the graphic below, you’ll see the change from the current SERP to the presentation of news stories. According to Google, the change is going to allow for more “high-quality content beyond the most recent coverage as well as more diverse sources.”

Google says that it is using a “new story-understanding technology to map the people, places and things involved in a news story, and then draw connections between them.” According to the company, its BERT language understanding algorithm is partly behind the new expansion and clustering of news content.

These are a part of a bigger effort for Google to surface more sources and deeper news content, including original reporting. It wasn’t formally discussed if there would be more ideological diversity in top stories search results for news topics. For a long time now, Conservatives have accused Google of an anti-conservative bias, an accusation not supported by the data.

The company says that the changes are going to appear on mobile devices in the US in English and later roll out to other languages and countries.

SourceGreg Sterling

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