Prime Day Halo Effect And 6 Other Trends To Watch For Back-To-School Search Marketing

This year’s Amazon’s Prime Day is a hard start to the back to school shopping season.

The bigger trend is that Prime Day isn’t confined to just Amazon anymore. It’s gone from just Amazon to the entire retail industry in general Shopping interest has increased across multiple marketing channels, including Google search.

Steve Costana and his colleagues took a look t some of the big trends that influenced back to school search marketing, such as Prime Day and its halo effect, and newer Google Ad formats and targeting capabilities. The results include the following:

  1. Prime Day led to high search interest on Google
  2. The Prime Day halo effect creates opportunity in Google search
  3. Back to school is a short and increasingly well-defined season
  4. Back to school remains a frenzied competition
  5. Electronics and clothing will be top sellers – but know which parts of our catalog will be the most in demand
  6. Back to school search terms are likely to trigger Showcase Shopping ads
  7. Back to school is a key use case for Detailed Demographics

[To read up on the details of each point, check out the Search Engine Land article]

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