Amazon Continues To Chip Away At Google’s Search Ad Dominance

In terms of search advertising in the US, Google is, by far, the biggest player out there. But, there are others who are chipping away at that lead, including Amazon. According to estimates released on October 15 by research firm, eMarketer, Amazon’s share of the search advertising market is expecting to grow as Google’s shrinks over the course of the next two year.

Based on eMarkter’s forecasts, Amazon’s paid search revenues in the US are going to increase almost 30% over last year to $7.09 billion. The company’s share is expected to grow from 12.8% in 2019 to 15.9% by 2021.

When we look at the top five search advertising companies in the US market, Amazon is the only one expected to see an increase in market share in the coming years.

Despite Google’s shrinking share in the advertising space, the company will retain its strong lead. Its share is forecasted to drop from 73.1% in 2019 to 70.5% by 2021.

Some of the smaller players includes the likes of Walmart (which is building its own market place), Pinterest, Target and eBay. eMarketer says search share of each is increasing.

Google launched a new Shopping experience in the US this month in response to competitive pressures. In this new Shopping experience, it is offering merchants omnichannel opportunities to sell on their own sites, in-store or via Google’s universal checkout. Users who have signed in will have personalized results based on their browsing and shopping histories. There are several thousand retailers who are participating in Google’s cost-per-sale checkout program. The search company says that it has mapped over 2 billion products to local retailers.

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