Report: US Advertisers Spent $17.6 Billion On Digital Ads in Q3

According to IAB data that was released recently, US advertisers have spent $17.6 billion on digital ads in Q3.  According to the organization, this was “the highest third quarter for digital advertising spending on record, and represents a 20 percent increase over the same time period in 2015.”  It even represents a 4.3 percent sequential increase of the second quarter.

The following chart shows internet ad revenue growth over the past decade.

For the first half of 2016 the following were the US ad format spending breakouts:

  • Search — 50 percent
  • Display — 31 percent
  • Video — 12 percent
  • Other — 8 percent

The ad spend for mobile was responsible for 47 percent of all internet ad revenues in the first half, which was up from 30 percent a year ago.According to a forecast from eMarketer digital advertising is going to surpass TV ad spending this year.

Sure, even though the figures are quite impressive, not everything is fine.

Ignoring ad blocking, measurement problems abound, and digital ad fraud is growing. there is one estimate that comes from ANA and WhiteOps that says digital advertisers will have wasted at least $7 billion this year, globally, all because of bots.  Because of these developments, there is a lose of some confidence among advertisers and agencies, which have to be fixed if we want things to do well in the upcoming  year.

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