Facebook Uses More Machine Learning In Content Moderation

Recently, Facebook began utilizing machine learning in order to figure how it prioritizes content reserved for human review, as right now, any flagged post is typically reviewed in the order in which they were flagged.

Here is how Facebook moderation works, according the the Verge:

“Posts that are thought to violate the company’s rules (which includes everything from spam to hate speech and content that “glorifies violence”) are flagged, either by users or machine learning filters. Some very clear-cut cases are dealt with automatically (responses could involve removing a post or blocking an account, for example) while the rest go into a queue for review by human moderators.”

 “In the future, an amalgam of various machine learning algorithms will be used to sort this queue, prioritizing posts based on three criteria: their virality, their severity, and the likelihood they’re breaking the rules,” The Verge reported.

Source – Search Engine Land

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