Adobe Adds Customer Journey Analytics, Designed To Be Accessible To All Marketers

Adobe released its Customer Journey Analytics as part of its Adobe Analytics platform. This new offering is powered by Adobe Experience Platform, and is being touted as an easy to use interactive analytics interface that allows “anyone in an organization” to work with data, not just data scientists.

“From the start, the team developed the Customer Journey Analytics interface with cues taken from Photoshop,” writes Adobe Analytics Product Marketing Manager Nate Smith, “Both are rooted in the concept of layers…In Customer Journey Analytics, the layers are data sets.”

Brands, according to Smith, can bring together metrics around orders, conversions, visits and more across different channels using a drag and drop model. Teams will be able to bring in data sets from point-of-sale systems and call centers as an example, in order to gain product insights that are better aligned with how consumers interact.

SourceAmy Gesenhues

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