Pinterest Adds 26 Million Users, Gets A Jump in Revenue In Q3

With the pandemic sill in full swing, many online sites and businesses are seeing a boom in business, including Pinterest. The site has seen a continued boost in both new users and revenue. This data comes from its Q3 2020 performance update.

The following graph shows Pinterest’s user growth during Q3. The graph shows that the growth has taken it to a total of 442 million MAU.

Despite the slight slowdown in growth, it is still better year over year than other sites like Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

As explained by Pinterest:

“MAU growth was strong in both the US and international markets, driven primarily by COVID lockdowns in many regions. Particular strength came from users under the age of 25, a trend that we’ve seen for several quarters. People who began using Pinterest during COVID-19 continued to have high levels of engagement in Q3. In fact, users in the COVID-19 cohort had higher retention and higher engagement (defined as impressions, closeups and saves) than a cohort of new users during the same period last year.”

For more information, check out both Social Media Today and Pinterest’s Q3 Earnings Presentation

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