Study Finds Featured Snippets Display On Desktop 13% More Often Than Mobile

According to a 30-day study conducted by Rank Ranger, Google displayed featured snippets on desktop 89.9% of the time compared to 73.3% on mobile.

In the study, a dataset of 265 keywords were looked at that was known to produce featured snippets on desktop and found that publishers are more likely to land a featured snippet on desktop than they are on mobile since there is a higher chance that google will show a desktop snippet.

Source: Rank Ranger.

It was found that the URL within a featured snippet displays across devices 70.3% of time. With the other 29.7% of the time, the URL was displayed on only one device.

By removing instances where a featured snipped was displayed on just one device, the rate at which the same URL displayed in featured snippets across devices rose to 90.7%. “This means that the real disparity between Featured Snippet scorings across the two devices has less to do with URLs per se and far more to do with when Google considers the Featured Snippet relevant on each device,” wrote Mordy Oberstein, CMO of Rank Ranger.

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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