Adobe Says Online Holiday Sales Can Reach $200 Billion

On October 28, Adobe release some predictions regard the 2020 online shopping holiday season. Over a trillion visits to US retail sites and 100 million SKUs from 80 of the 100 largest US retailers was analyzed by Adobe in order to make these predictions.

According to the Adobe blog:

“Adobe predicts that U.S. online holiday sales will total $189 billion, shattering all previous records with a 33% YoY increase, equal to two years’ growth in one season. If consumers receive another round of stimulus checks and physical stores need to shut down in large parts of the country, consumers are expected to spend an additional $11 billion online, surpassing a total of $200 billion (47% YoY increase).”

Although Adobe had access to a lot of data for their predictions, there are other predictions as well. Feedvisor, assert the majority of U.S. consumers will spend at least as much as they did last year. There are other surveys that say that only a small number of consumers will spend the same or more than they did last year.

It’ll be interesting to see how this season will go, considering how crazy things are going in the world stage.

Source – Marketing Blog and Adobe Blog

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