Video Marketing Tops List Of Marketers’ Priorities, Voice Search Ranks Low

Based on The Mondo Creative & Digital Trends research that surveyed over 1,000 creative and digital marketing decision-makers, video is the top priority for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020. The report revealed that 67% of digital marketers and creatives believe that video marketing as their first priority. In regards to search engine marketing though, respondents indicated that visual and voice search are much lower on the priority list.

The types of video marketing that respondents expect to invest in most include Instagram stories (66%) and newsfeed videos (62%). Gifs (52%), cinemographs (31%), live streaming (28%) and IGTV (28%) were among other top-ranking video types respondents anticipate producing.

The prioritization of Instagram stories and newsfeed videos are varied between B2B and B2C marketers. For B2B marketrs, they lean towards newsfeed videos, where as B2C marketers rank Instagram stories higher.

Survey respondents even indicated that experiential marketing (31%), micro-moments (28%), motion design (24%), visual search (21%) and voice search (10%) are important to their 2019-2020 marketing efforts.

When it came to voice search, it didn’t rank as a top priority for digital marketers, according to Mondo. 17% of the respondents indicated that their websites are already optimized for search or have plans to implement changes in the next 12 months. 35% have or plan to optimize their websites or visual search.

Audience targeting was ranked as the top components by digital marketers, informing their paid search strategies in the next year, with keywords (83%) and remarketing (76%) also ranking high on the list of priorities.

Although there are more devices entering the market with voice activations, marketers might not be fully prepared for a shift towards voice search. Although video is at the top of marketer’s wishlist, is it a good idea to let emerging search trends sit by the wayside?

SourceJennifer Cannon

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