Bing Revives Its Cashback Program With Rebates

Microsft has introduced the successor to its now-defunct Cashback shopping program, called Bing Rebates. This program makes rebates available to select Microsoft Rewards members when they make purchases through participating retailers through Bing.

Despite the numerous developments in the e-commerce sector, like Google’s revamped Shopping experience and PayPal’s acquisition of Honey, Bing offers incentives for users to do their shopping on its search engine. If the rebates are competitive, it could end up attracting new users or disincentivize current users from shopping anywhere else.

Products eligible for rebates are distinguished in the search results by a Bing Rebates shopping tag. Users will need to click through on the product and complete their purchase in a single browsing session. Rebates are paid via PayPal after the retailer confirms the purchase.

SourceGeorge Nguyen

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