Google’s Got A New Shopping Ad Test — And It’s Different

A format-blending Shopping as test is being run by Google that we could consider pretty interesting.

SEMrush spotted this Shopping ad test on May 7th. As you can see from the following tweet and screenshot, the product listing ad (PLA) for Body Candy Body Jewelry is accompanied by a text block blue it with a blue linked headline and description.

The text is in the Ads card, but SEMrush says that the average person probably won’t know it’s not an organic listing.

The text found there is actually twist on a Showcase Shopping ad format.

By searching for “earrings for gauged ears,” you might find Showcase Shopping ads instead of regular Shopping ads above. Google is actually pulling the headline and copy from the company’s Showcase Shopping landing page.

By clicking the headline, you will be taken to that page.

The copy on the Showcase Shopping landing page is what is appearing in the “text ad” in the Shopping ad carousel test.

This is a very small in the US, so more than likely, you probably won’t see it. Depending on feedback and performance, the test may or may not expand past this the test.

SourceGinny Marvin

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